I have a Patreon page

That means if you'd like to give me money just cause you want to support me you can.  Patreon's based on the patron system for the arts where people who made all the right choices in life use their hard earned money to keep someone who'd never survive in an office environment in bic pens and notepads. Now I don't expect you to send me money, but I feel like if someone wants to give me money then who am I to deny them the opportunity?  

What would I spend your money on? Here's a top 8 list of likely purchases.  

1. A new or refurbished, compact, laptop or pad that I can take on the road
2. A high quality camera for gig recordings, sketches and short films
3. Tequila
4. Podcast recording equipment.  
5. Renting a small shack in the woods for a weekend to write
6. Train tickets to gigs
7. Burgers. Big juicy hamburgers.
8. More tequila (Herradura Reposado probably)  

If this is something you'd like to do click right here